Lasers rejuvenation

The use of lasers for facial rejuvenation is a relatively new way to combat age-related skin aging. Innovation has given us the opportunity to create devices, that is capable of multiple sessions to achieve results comparable to results of plastic surgery.

Laser rejuvenation. Principle of operation

The impact of the laser on the skin caused by the ability of different cells absorbs the laser radiation. In this case, the different lengths of the laser waves affect different layers of skin and cause different effects. Divided into 2 main types of laser facial rejuvenation:

  • ablative;
  • the non-ablative.

The term "ablation" means surface evaporation on the skin when it is exposed to the laser beam. In fact, it is the infliction of small wounds, improve every aktiviziruyutsya own regenerative mechanisms of the skin:

  • increases the production of collagen and elastin.
  • the surface of the skin, remove fine lines;
  • the skin is smoothed, it becomes more elastic, smooth;
  • fade small scars.
Equipment radio frequency facelift

Non-ablative laser resurfacing works deep in the skin without damaging the surface layer. When this happens, heating the small inner regions of the dermis and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. From the point of view to achieve the anti-aging effect, it is important that such procedures cause a general restructuring of the dermis, increase his metabolism, improve its structure and density.

Fractional laser facial rejuvenation

While trying to make laser procedure more painless, reduces recovery time and thus achieve an effective anti-aging effects, scientists have come up with fractus laser system. Instead of a fixed laser beam using a grid of micro-rays, causing a very small point of damage. The neighboring cells are damaged and begin vigorously to produce collagen and elastin, improve the damage and increases the skin's elasticity is treated on the spot. The comfort of the client during the procedure increases and clinical effectiveness of the procedure increases.

Using laser facial rejuvenation, you can achieve to remove fine and medium wrinkles, pigment spots, scars, post-acne, vascular lesions. Thus, depending on the applied laser wave, the rehabilitation after the procedure and the feelings of the client during the procedure, is different. That is why manufacturers offer lasers to rejuvenate the face and body of different wavelengths. This allows an individual approach to solving customers ' problems and offer them the treatments that best fit your situation.